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Pedagogy is a skillful planning of a working system by which objective can be achieved conveniently. Strategies never remain the same. They change according to the learning situation. Pedagogy means the determination of some policy by planning before presentation the contents with the help of which students force is faced and the teaching objectives are achieved and it seeks to establish the relationship between teaching and learning.
In B.Ed. Course different types of pedagogies are applied, every subject has different pedagogy. Basically following few of them pedagogies are used for B.Ed. course. e.g. grammar translation method , Direct method, survey method, dramatization method, peer work, explanation method, questioning method, intensive & extensive method, lecture method, discussion method, seminar, poster presentation method, power point presentation, inductive & deductive method, group work, project method , storytelling method, narration method, source, journey method, regional method, excursion method, comparative, field work, observation method, question-answer method, problem solving method etc.

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